Thinpressive: Sony’s 4K ultra-thin TV might just blow your mind

A TV that is thinner than pretty much every smartphone available in Australia? Sign us up, because it’s time to check out Sony’s 4.9mm thick X9000.

When Sony let us play with its TVs earlier this week, there was one model that you could see on the way in that wasn’t quite ready.

We’re told it was a pre-production sample, and as a result some of the colour may not be finalised, but it was being shown because you had to see this TV.

Specifically, the design had to be seen.


You see, this TV is super-thin. We talk about thin TVs all the time, and as manufacturers are working to shrink TVs and the panels down to record levels, thin is becoming the standard.

Take the LG OLED launch this week with the first readily available 4K OLED display in Australia. That’s a beautiful display, and a beautifully thin display, but it’s still a good 5.9mm thin, a size that is super thin, for sure.

Sony has managed to best that with the X9000C, a TV that will arrive in both 55 and 65 inches from a display size point of view, but which manages to come down even thinner at the TV thickness.


From the side, this thing looks like a line that hovers in the air, projecting a thickness of 4.9mm for most of the display, with the backing section for the electronics and processors extruding that a little more near the bottom.

The screen itself on this model is one of Sony’s 4K Ultra HD Triluminos displays, meaning it should provide some pretty impressive OLED-like colours when the production models start making their way to store shelves, but even in this iteration, it looked pretty good for our eyes.

Android TV is also here, just like it is on the X9300C and X9400C we saw earlier in the week, as is support for 3D, with the main difference between this box TV and Sony’s high-end models being design and a lack of the “Xtended Dynamic Range” LED backlighting technology.


However, the design might just make up for that, because the X9000C really does look like a work of art sitting between two metal prongs getting it to stand up nicely.

Sony tells us a special wall mount will also be made available that will fit to the electronics section and allow someone to hang up the TV almost like it were a piece of art, which we’re sure some would say it is, or is close to.

There will also be a larger model at 75 inches, but this one will be a tad thicker, Sony tells us.


Unfortunately, what Sony isn’t telling us is the price, with no details for that 75 inch model, or either the 55 or 65 inch X9000C option.

We do have a date, however, with August the time when these super-thin tellies are expected, so if thin is what impresses you, there’s not long to wait.