Three new Sony DVD home theatre systems

Taking a cue from the popular ‘cocooning’ theory of everyone retreating into their homes to enjoy home entertainment, Sony has introduced three new, DVD home theatre systems, all featuring DVD upscaling to 1080p as standard.

With an emphasis on ease of setup and operation, the systems all include the ‘USB play and record’ feature, allowing owners to hook up their various MP3 players or devices, as well as Bravia Sync.

The 5.1 DAVTZ200 system ($599, pictured above) is the entry-level model, featuring four identical, small speakers plus sub and centre speaker, while the next step up is the DAVDZ590K ($899, pictured below), adding two tall rears into the mix and kicking out a combined 850 watts.

The DZ590K also offers auto calibration and compatibility with Sony’s ‘S-Air’ wireless RF tech, so you can dispense with cables to the rear speakers.

Top of the new range is the 1000 watts DAVFZ900W system ($1,499, pictured above), with four tallboy speakers, S-Air included and, like the middle system, comes with a charging iPod dock.