Three new Sony micro hi-fi systems

Sony Australia has released three new micro HiFi systems designed to appeal to the needs of all music lovers. Accommodating the numerous ways consumers store and listen to their music today, or want to re-live their old favourite compilations, this range of compact systems provides CD, radio and cassette tape playback, coupled with USB inputs for MP3 player connectivity and built-in iPod docks.

CMTEH25 – CD Tuner Micro HiFi System

In addition to the CMTEH25 (pictured above) CD playback, this well priced system allows you to re-live all your favourite music moments and mix tapes with the inclusion of a cassette tape deck. Then, when you want to listen to your new collection, simply plug in your MP3 player through the front USB input.

  • Top loading CD player, tape deck, USB input and radio tuner
  • USB direct playback function (MP3/WMA/AAC)
  • Dynamic Sound Generator X-tra (DSGX) for powerful bass
  • One-line LCD display
  • FM/AM tuner with 30 presets
  • Total 10W RMS
  • Price: $179 RRP

CMTLX30iR – Vertical Micro HiFi System with iPod docking station

Featuring a new vertical design, the sleek and compact CMTLX30iR features a built-in iPod docking station. It also includes USB connectivity for additional MP3 players or easy transfer via USB, USB encoding for MP3 and additional decoding for MP3, WMA and AAC formats.

  • Slot-in CD player, USB input, radio tuner
  • Built-in iPod dock (iPod playback and charge)
  • USB recording (MP3) and playback (MP3/WMA/AAC)
  • Dynamic Sound Generator X-tra (DSGX) for powerful bass
  • One-line LCD display
  • Total 10W RMS
  • Price: $329 RRP

CMTBX20iB – iPod docking Micro HiFi System

The integrated iPod dock in this sleek micro HiFi system allows you to unleash your favourite tunes from your iPod, whilst recharging at the same time. You can also control the full functionality of your iPod through the HiFi system’s remote control. Featuring a front-loading CD player and additional connectivity for your MP3 player, the system is compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC and ATRAC formats.

  • CD player, radio tuner, audio in for MP3 connectivity
  • Integrated iPod dock (iPod playback and charge)
  • RMS power 50W
  • CD-R/RW playback
  • Shuffle / program / repeat mode
  • FM/AM tuner with 30 presets
  • DSGX bass boost function – for extra bass
  • Timer for wake-up and sleep modes
  • Price: $399 RRP