Thunderspy ‘evil maid’ PC attacks a beat-up


Thunderspy is an unfixable hardware flaw in all Intel Thunderbolt 3 systems (Mac and Windows) shipped from 2011 to 2019.

Thunderspy is a beat-up. So-called ‘evil maid’ attacks require physical access to the PC. This means the removal of the maintenance panel and using sophisticated programming probes to access the system. All within a few minutes!

So, if you have an older Thunderbolt 3 system and an evil maid with tech-savvy, then don’t leave your notebook alone!


Since its discovery, Intel’s new hardware designs and Windows and macOS changes remove the vulnerability. Most systems from 2019 onwards are secure.

Of course it does not stop other media outlets beating this and Intel up – clik bait.

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We hate beat-ups!

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