Time to get QRious: Telstra Mobile Codes

Telstra Mobile Codes help you use the internet from a mobile phone without having to master tiny keyboards.

Mobile phones have evolved into extraordinary devices, yet most are still a little awkward when it comes to typing in long pieces of text like web addresses or contact details.

Enter Telstra Mobile Codes, also known as QR codes.

These codes are small square patterns of black and white dots that use similar technology to barcodes to store information. Instead of using a barcode scanner, however, your phone can read a Telstra Mobile Code.

Once your phone reads a code, all sorts of things become possible without you having to do any tedious typing.

Mobile Codes at work

Nokia N6120 with Telstra Mobile CodeOne place you will start to see Mobile Codes is on advertising posters, which will include a Mobile Code discretely in a corner. By using the Telstra Code Reader on your mobile, you will be able to scan the code and be directed to a website with additional information about the product on the poster.

Another application for Mobile Codes is swapping business cards. If you placed a Mobile Code on your business card, anyone who scanned your card would find all of your contact details entered in their phone without having to do any of the tedious data entry such a task usually requires.

Fun on the run

Mobile Codes may also be deployed as a way to enter competitions. Today, you send an SMS and enter all your details to enter many competitions. Mobile Codes will mean you just scan a code and your contact details will automatically be sent to the competition organised.

There’s even the possibility that Mobile Codes could become a part of news coverage in newspapers and magazines. Telstra has imagined placing Mobile Codes alongside newspaper reports of football games. Scanning the code could summon a video highlights package straight into your phone.

More uses for Mobile Codes are already being worked out, making this a technology to watch!

Which phones use Telstra Mobile Codes?

At the time of writing, three Next G phones come with software to read Mobile Codes pre-installed. The phones are:

  • Nokia 6120 Classic
  • Sony Ericsson W760
  • Samsung U900T

Telstra will make Mobile Code scanning software available for more handsets in the future.

How to use Telstra Mobile Codes

To use Telstra Mobile Codes:

  1. Go to the My Place Menu on a compatible Next G mobile with a code reader;
  2. Choose the “Scan Code” option;
  3. Aim camera over entire code and depending on the type of mobile you have, scan or click the centre key to allow the Code Reader to read the code.

It’s that easy!

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