Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme makes cleaning messes easier

Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme
Image: supplied.
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Cleaning appliance maker Tineco has launched the Floor One S6 Pro Extreme, a three-in-one smart vacuum and mopping appliance designed to make cleaning easier.

Aside from one heck of a name, the S6 Pro Extreme is capable of cleaning up both wet and dry messes around the house. In addition to mopping and vacuuming features, the new device also contains self-cleaning technology, reducing the effort needed for upkeep.

Smarter vacuum cleaners make sense coming from Tineco, given its status as an Ecovacs sub-brand. Tineco released the Floor One S7 Pro model last year, which also included similar technology to the newly launched Floor One S6 Pro Extreme. The good news is that the latest vacuum is cheaper, dropping below the $1,000 mark.

Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme details

Aimed at homes with multiple floor types, Tineco positions its latest vacuum as a versatile appliance. Its built-in iLoop Smart Sensor adjusts settings automatically as you clean, changing suction power and fresh water supply according to each mess. This includes both wet and dry messes, tackling both dirt and liquid spills alike.

It can vacuum and mop at the same time, but you still have granular control over how you want to clean your floors. For example, you can use the suction-only mode to suck up smaller messes, including spilt water.

Meanwhile, the Ultra mode offers a more comprehensive clean. Tineco claims that it kills 99% of germs within 30 seconds by turning water into a natural solution designed for deep cleaning. It could help keep on top of germs left behind by pets or kids just via one appliance.

To give you an idea of cleanliness, the vacuum has an LCD screen that includes various indicators. The screen turns from red to blue when the device determines that the surface is clean. Plus, it also shows battery life information and reminders about device maintenance.

Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme LCD
Image: supplied.

Maintaining appliances is annoying, so while the reminder is helpful, the fact that the S6 Pro Extreme reduces manual maintenance is even better. It cleans its brush roller and insides automatically, reducing the amount of elbow grease required.

Available now at JB Hi-Fi for $999, the Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme is coming to other retailers soon. Included with the vacuum are three microfibre brush rollers, two dry filters, a bottle of Tineco cleaning solution, and a charging dock.

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