Tiny tower elevates your lappy

Tiny Tower

Tiny tower is a device to lift your laptop off the desk – so that your screen it at eye height. No more hunching and undue weight on your spine.

GadgetGuy did receive a review unit but our tests were initially for a ‘stand-up’ desk and it failed. The Tiny Tower (website here) was simply too bouncy to type on the laptop keyboard.

We went back to Tiny Tower and they explained that it is not a stand-up desk but a device to lift your laptop to a suitable viewing height. You would still use a keyboard/mouse on the desktop.

Tiny Tower

OK we get it now. You still sit at your desk – just raise the screen to avoid hunching and back stress.

See the video below.

On that basis, we went back to the device.

Tiny Tower build

The device weighs 780g. It comes flat in a felt-like case 24 x 20cm. The base is anodised aluminium coming in brushed gold, rose gold, silver or space grey.

How it works

The base folds out to reveal a vertical, height adjustable (17 positions) stand and two top arms which will support 11-15” laptops. Simple.

Tiny Tower

It can fold up just as easily for storage or transport.

Tiny Tower

GadgetGuy: Lift me up!

As one who has had to buy staff stand-up desks that is what I naturally thought this was – only for laptops. On that basis, it fails as there is too much keyboard bounce.

Tiny Tower

But I was wrong. It is to elevate the lappy to eye height to stop spinal curve. On that basis it is PASS.

It also gives you a cleaner workspace as the base is smaller than the laptop and it allows you to put the screen a recommended 600mm from your eyes.

It might just be a good Xmas gift. Price is $119 including Australian and New Zealand shipping from Tiny Tower online.

Would I buy it?

From the perspective of lifting the laptop and reducing desk clutter – yes.

As a stand-up desk for laptops, you can’t go past the Varidesk Laptop30, but it is $250.