Just purchased a new clothes dryer, to save on the amount of time you spend on the laundry, and you want to ensure your dryer has a long and healthy life? Read our top tips for keeping your clothes dryer in good condition.

  • Empty the lint filter each time you dry a load of washing.
  • Avoid drying clothes spotted with oil as they are a fire hazard.
  • Clothes that have been spoilt with cooking oil or haircare products should be washed and soaked in extra detergent. This does not eliminate the fire hazard risk altogether but reduces it.
  • Don?t place fabrics containing rubber or similar materials in a dryer. Always check labels before drying.
  • To reduce tangling, always close zips, hook and eyes before drying. Dry lint givers (towels, chenille, nappies) and lint collectors (synthetics, corduroy, poly cotton) separately.
  • To reduce creasing always allow room for clothes to tumble freely during the drying cycle.
  • Hang your clothes immediately after the drying cycle is complete to reduce the need for ironing.