TiVo and Blockbuster – Movies on Demand service

Hybrid Television Services (ANZ) Pty Ltd, the exclusive licensee of TiVo products in Australia and New Zealand, today announced the launch of the Blockbuster Movies on Demand service on the TiVo platform. With over 100 DVD-quality films with true surround sound available at launch, this comprehensive movie download service is the first major broadband content service for Australian TiVo users.

The initial Blockbuster movie download service, launched on TiVo in December 2008, was purposely limited to one movie a week to help TiVo customers become aware of the role broadband can play in their TiVo experience beyond continual software updates and EPG data. The four month trial period allowed TiVo customers to learn about their broadband speed and capacity in preparation of the full service. Under that single movie a week service, more than 73 per cent of TiVo customers downloaded a collective total of more than 61 terabytes of movie content, clearly demonstrating demand for broadband content in the living room.

The movie service will provide ‘New Releases’ (in the video on demand new release window) charged at $5.95 per film and a great library of other all time favourites charged at $3.95. There will also continue to be a small number of films available for customers to sample at no charge (funded by sponsors).

Customers who have an internet service with Internode, Hybrid TV’s TiVo unmetered partner, will be able to download movies without paying additional data charges to their ISP.

The service was pushed live last night, so next time you switch on your TiVo you can join the download revolution.

This is the second announcmet of a new service of product for TiVo this week – 2 days ago they announced the new TiVo-compatible 1TB external drive from WD, the My DVR Expander.