TiVo and Blockbuster team up for movie downloads

In a prelude to a multitude of downloadable movie and TV content services planned for March 2009, Tivo owners will receive a free weekly movie download from Blockbuster from 1 December. Movies will be released every Monday, with TiVo users notified in the preceding week of the next film to follow. The inaugural Blockbuster Movie of the Week will be The Waterhorse followed by Men In Black.

The aim, according to Tivo’s distributors, Hybird Televsion Services, is to “allow people to road test downloading video content over the internet straight to the lounge room and understand the critical role both internet speed and download quotas play in ensuring the service is a pleasurable one”. While next year’s service will enable progressive downloads and greater file compression, download costs and speeds will still have an impact on household broadband allocations.

The Tivo media device provides twin HD tuners, an internet-based EPG and a 160GB hard drive for recording. A Tivo-certified terabyte drive can be added to extpand storage and with the latest firmware update, the device is enabled to stream photos, video and music from a PC to the home entertainment system in the living room over a wireless network.

While currently priced at $699, Hybrid Television Services has hinted that the Tivo media device will cost more in the new year.