TiVo and WD partner to release a 1TB hard drive

Expanding consumers’ TV recording capabilities by hundreds of hours, WD today announced the Australian launch of its new 1 TB capacity My DVR Expander. Australian consumers can now instantly and seamlessly expand their TiVo recording capacity by simply attaching the DVR Expander to their TiVo media device.

TiVo Verified compatible with all Australian TiVo media devices, the new My DVR Expander enables users to record up to an additional 400 hours of digital standard-definition (SD) or 200 hours of high-definition (HD) television programming in addition to the native 160 GB capacity of TiVo. The My DVR Expander, which connects through the eSATA connection on the media device, is the exclusive external device available for TiVo customers who need more room to record their ever-expanding collection of SD & HD programming.


My DVR Expander has been tested and verified compatible with all Australian-bought TiVo media devices. Other DVR Expander products and PC peripherals are not compatible with the TiVo media device.

Price and availability

The new TiVo verified My DVR Expander with 1 TB capacity is now available through leading retailers. Suggested retail pricing for My DVR Expander with 1 TB is $299.99.