TiVo brings a little 3D into homes

Most homes may lack new TVs that push home entertainment into the third dimension, but for people that have them, TiVo has started delivering on their promise of 3D content.

The CASPA On-Demand system (below) now includes trailers for upcoming 3D movies including Toy Story 3, Tangled, and Tron Legacy.

CASPA's On-Demand system

“We are ecstatic to be providing the first 3D video on-demand content over CASPA to our Australian TiVo customers,” said Robbee Minicola, Chief Executive of Hybrid TV. “We are extremely proud that our very first offering is an eye-popping trailer for Disney Pixar’s highly anticipated Toy Story 3.”

More 3D content will be introduced later this year including documentaries and short films, with full-length feature 3D movies starting in December.