TiVo now with a 320GB hard drive

Hybrid TV, the Australian licensees of TiVo, is about to launch a new version of its digital media device, the TiVo 320, with a 320GB hard drive, doubling the 160GB that the original TiVo packed.

The TiVo 320 will go on sale on December 1, at a cost of $699 – the same price that the TiVo 160 sold for. The TiVo 160 will still be on sale, with the price dropped to $599.

As an introductory offer with the launch of the TiVo 320, the Home Networking Package, that normally sells for $199, will be included free-of-charge, in what Hybrid TV are calling Holiday Edition TiVo 320. The Home Networking Package adds the following capabilities to TiVo:

  1. Allows TiVo owners to transfer their Freeview TV recordings from their TiVo device to their PC or portable devices such as an iPhone, iPod Touch or PlayStation Portablel (PSP)
  2. Enables family photos, music libraries and home videos to be enjoyed on the TV
  3. Provides the ability to transfer and view recordings between two TiVo devices in the home

The TiVo Holiday Edition TiVo 320 offer will run until 31 January, 2010.