To the wall

Lighting, automation and distributed audio and video are the most complex and sophisticated systems that can be installed into a home, but their operation is made (mercifully) easy by touchscreen controllers or wallplates. Dynalite?s new DRP Revolution wallplates come with a brushed stainless steel, white or black glass finish, with charcoal grey, white or silver buttons. These are standard finishes, but Dynalite can also customise to any interior, providing plates and buttons that ?encompass any finish imaginable; wood grain, processed stone, laminate, fabric?.

The plates can configured as single, double or triple columns, with each accommodating up to eight function buttons. LED indicators provide both tactile and visual feedback and are easily removed for engraving, which aids in identifying the function of each button. Button backlighting illuminates engraved text to make locating and using the panel at night easier.