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“These are just intrinsic things that we as people wanted to do,” he says, referring to how Belkin’s Wemo can be connected to services such as IFTTT, also known as “IF This Then That,” which allows you to trigger rules to make Wemo do different things, such as respond to weather forecasts and switch on the lights or sprinkler system for you, or anything that a Wemo can be connected to.

But that last part is an important observation, because a Wemo can be connected to lots of things, and with the impending and upcoming release of the Wemo Maker, that’s an even more truthful statement.

Previously, Wemo devices were limited to specific elements of the home, with lights and power switches being the main things that could be Wemofied (our word).

With the Wemo Maker, any gadget can be turned to a wireless controlled Wemo product, though you may need to bring some of those skills from home, since it will require a few more plugs than just the regular plug port.

Using this product, Chet talks about being able to Wemo things, and uses his company’s gadget like a verb, which we notice quickly and pounce upon, asking if it’s a name he’d like to see used as a word, like when someone says “Google” when they actually mean “search.”

“We think it helps it,” he says, adding that “it gives people a tool [and] an easy way to talk about this.”

“The key for us now is to educate people that there is a solution and an answer,” says Chet about home automation, and how easy it can be.

“It’ll be a huge challenge getting the word out.”