Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled traveller (Australian review)

Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled traveller

Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled traveller. They include everything from an iPhone X slipcover to a full briefcase with MacBook and iPad protective padded pockets.

Not that Toffee is targeting Apple users – these leather cases are for Windows devices too.

Apple users are well-heeled travellers

But, it is a fact that Apple users make more money, are better lovers (or is that butter eaters) and are generally cooler than their drab, Windows-using wage slaves. So, says the National Bureau of Economic Research that found that 69.1% of iPhone users are in the top income bracket in the US.

It’s widely thought that Apple users are so loyal to the brand and so keen to be seen with its latest gadgetry that price is often no object. Toffee hopes so.

Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled travellerA bit about Toffee

Back in 2004 Sydneysiders, Hassan and Natasha were looking for a laptop bag – in anything other than black! That ignited a passion for creating beautifully crafted products that were functional and visually appealing. Toffee design is a contemporary take on classic retro – just what millennials love.

Hassan said, “Natasha’s love of colour and fashion, together with her penchant for hunting and collecting pieces at vintage and antique auctions inspire Toffee’s design aesthetic; reminiscent of classic and retro forms of the past, with contemporary styling.”

Natasha countered, “Hassan is always seeking out ways to evolve Toffee in an ever-changing environment. It might be at a trade show, but more often it’s in the quiet moments of a long-distance run, hiking Kilimanjaro or listening to music that his next idea will come.”

So, to the review.

Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled traveller

(Australian website here)

Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled travellerThe leather range includes

All share the Toffee design and quality heritage

  • Well made
  • not ‘pleather’ (artificial or split) but real leather
  • extra-long, metal teeth, YKK zip
  • Quilted compartments
  • Naturally milled genuine leather trims
  • Extra pockets for versatility
  • Metal feet (where appropriate)

Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled traveller

And if you want something else, the waxed canvass range like the Osaka tablet satchel (reviewed here) offer even better value.


Toffee leather comes in tan or black leather. Its premium leather, at least .5mm thick and backed by appropriately bonded fabric linings.

Our review samples were in the tan. It is hard to describe the colour. Yes, it natural pebble-grained leather but it has a light cognac finish to it. Gadgeteers universally named it ‘European chic’ (in deference to our ‘Dutchie’ who loves the colour).

Me, I think the black is perhaps a more functional and masculine colour.


We have mentioned the YKK zips. Japanese YKK (Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaish) has the reputation since 1934 of the world’s best zippers. It produces over seven billion zippers annually.

Toffee uses luggage grade metal zippers. Unlike plastic coil or teeth, these will last the life of the leather in the bag.

All seams use a high threat count dernier filament stitching that is stronger than artificial fibres.

Inside is premium padding under a non-crease pinstripe lining made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex (the world needs Spandex!)


All Toffee products are available online (free delivery over $99) or at retail stockists.

GadgetGuy’s and GadgetGirl’s take. Mmmm delectable Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled traveller

To start the review process, we handed the items to our Gadgeteers. “Go forth and use and abuse (not possible) for a week”. We would normally then write up each item in a lengthy and boring fashion. Replete with internal and external pictures etc like the one below.

Toffee leather cases for the well-heeled travellerInstead, you got this overview. Great Australian company. Terrific products. Good tech protection. Worth supporting.

You can tell if a product is good. Gadgeteers don’t want to give it back.