TomTom car kit for iPhone now available

If you’ve the TomTom iPhone app, and you’ve been wanting a tailor-made cradle for your GPS-apped iPhone, the TomTom car kit for iPhone is now available.

The cradle can be mounted on the car windshield, or on the dashboard – securely twisted-and-locked. It has a built-in speaker and microphone, so you’ll hear the turn-by-turn direction instructions, and hear and be heard while using the phone.

If you’ve an AUX OUT port on your car stereo you can play music on your iPhone through the car stereo speakers, and the iPhone will stay charged via the car cigarette lighter plug.

Price and availability

TomTom car kit for iPhone can be found at selected retailers, and soon through the Apple online store, at an RRP of $159.99. Please note that is the price for the cradle, it does not include the TomTom iPhone app.