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Phones are getting bigger, challenging tablets for space in our lives and taking over because smartphones are a necessity and can do more for us. But as devices get bigger, are our clothes doing anything to tolerate these new sizes, or will we all have to start carrying around hand luggage to accommodate the big phone?

I have a confession: I need to buy new pants.

This isn’t a call out for anyone to give me free jeans, because that would just be weird. No, I have to buy new pants because phones are killing my pants in ways I’ve never seen.

Before the smartphone was something you had to carry around, the mobile was smaller. It didn’t do as much as it does now — mostly phone calls, text and picture messaging, and the odd game or two — so it could be smaller, and your clothing didn’t suffer for it.

But the new modern individual doesn’t want a phone that just makes phone calls, that just sends and receives messages, and just plays the odd game or two. The modern smartphone-owning individual desires and needs a smartphone that can surf the web, read the news, stream video, listen to music and replace that iPod, take pictures, capture video, and even replaces the need for you to bring a computer where ever you go.

And that’s because the modern smartphone-owning individual actually wants a computer in their pocket, allowing them to do whatever they want, where ever they are, and when ever they want.

It’s quite liberating to know you have this much power in your pants, no pun intended.

The edges of a phone start to show on jeans. You can thank big phones for that.

But your pants are taking more of a beating than you could ever expect, and we’re seeing it here with more reviews. For the past few years, we’ve seen our jeans get stretched out and more faded on one side due to the phones held in the pockets.

The bigger the handset, the more clothing seems particularly against them, especially when you consider it needs to move with you, clothing your body and storing things you keep in your pockets. As you move, the phone is being forced up against the limits of the fabric provided, pushing the phone out against it and wearing it in.

With this in mind, you have to wonder if clothing makers are thinking about these sizes, now that their customers are carrying bigger phones. The answer to this one can be a little complicated, though, because everyone holds their phone differently.

For instance, while I use my left pocket to store my phone, I know others who use their rear pocket, and others again who will rely on a coat or jacket pocket, and then plenty of people who prefer a handbag or backpack to take the handset away from their person.

But location isn’t the only problem, with model choice and availability cited as one of the concerns.

“We do not take sizes of cellphones into consideration when [we] make garments,” said Nudie’s Peter Frank, adding that “there are too many models to be able to make a design for them.”

Not all clothing makers have this attitude, though.