Toothbrush reinvented with a Swedish touch

Modern designs have the power and potential to change everything, and it appears the common toothbrush is about to get an update, as a Swedish company takes a stab at evolving the concept.

We see our fair share of upgraded designs here at GadgetGuy. There’s the evolution of the toaster, and the constant revising of the mobile phone, and even the camera.

And then there’s the toothbrush, and while we’re puting a new Colgate electric option through some tests, a Swedish company has come up with a way to reinvent the toothbrush.

“It’s ultimately a design re-wind,” said Paul Peros, CEO of Foreo, the company attempting to change the way we brush our teeth.

“No one has attempted to modernise this market since the original electric toothbrush launch 60 years ago, and it was about time someone did. We want people to radically update their old toothbrush, in the same way we have all been updating our TVs, phones, and game consoles.”

To make the toothbrush different, Foreo has developed one that uses nonabrasive soft silicone bristles that dry quickly to reduce the spread of bacteria, while the head is more ergonomic than your traditional tooth brush, able to adapt to the shape of your teeth and gums.

Called the Issa, the toothbrush hopes to help your teeth more than just with a different head or bristles, with heavy pulsation technology to not only polish the teeth, but also massage the gums and increase blood flow.

The battery is said to last up to 365 uses per full charge, which isn’t a full year if you brush twice daily, though the head is expected to last for one year before it needs replaced.

Whether Foreo’s toothbrush will be a better option than the one you have at home is anyone’s guess, but the company does plan on bringing it to Australia, so you’ll be able to find out for yourself in the next few months.

While Foreo has sent the Issa to Indiegogo for some initial crowd-funding, representatives for the company told GadgetGuy this week that it will be bringing the toothbrush to Australia when it officially launches later in the year, with Foreo’s current products already available at David Jones stores.

If you can’t wait, however, you’ll find the curiously shaped toothbrush listed on Indiegogo for $199 USD.