Top freezer fridges still popular as ever as Samsung intros four biggies

Fridge companies often push the bottom-mount refrigerator space as it often represents the premium side of the market, but many of us keep going with the top-mount models, and Samsung wants everyone to know there’s some premium gear happening in this space, too.

This year, the company plans to extend its range of top-mount fridge models (where the freezer sits at the top above the refrigeration cavity) with both a 469 and 527 litre models, branded under Samsung’s “3050 II” series of fridges.

That’s two models right there, and with two colour options — white or layered steel — Samsung has technically produced four new fridges for this range.

These join the top-mount range for Samsung, which tend to start around $699 and offer 255 litre cavities.

In comparison, the new models will retail for $1399 and $1599 for the 469 litre in white and steel respectively, while the 527 litre will come in at $1799 and $1999 for the white and layered steel models.

Energy ratings across the new models are rated for 3.5 stars, and the fridges will include a slide-out shelf and a “Moist Fresh Zone” to keep fruit and veggies fresher and crispier for longer.

“With flexible storage features that include a sliding shelf, an attractive and practical design, the new Samsung 3050 II is an excellent choice for Australian families looking for a blend of style and functionality,” said Mike Lilly, Samsung Australia’s Head of Home Appliance.

“With the launch of these products, we’re extending our refrigerator range to help suit the needs of a wide range of Australian homes. They’re great for large households in terms of size, layout and functionality.”

Keen customers should be able to find the new models in major retailers shortly, with April the targeted time frame for these new fridges.