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At a loss for something to buy for the one that you love this Xmas? No worries, we here at the Gadget Guy are here to help with a dozen of the best things we’ve come across in recent months.

We’re sure you’ll find something here, but just in case, next week we’ll be suggesting things for him to buy for her, and for her to buy for him. With more to come in the leadup to Christmas.

Apple iPhone 7 – $1079 to $1379

C’mon, what need we say about the iPhone? It’s up to number 7. Apart from losing the headphone socket it’s more an evolutionary change than a revolution, but that just means it’s better than ever.

Will your loved one want an iPhone 7? The only people who wouldn’t, we reckon, are avid Android fans or those who already own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Read all about it here.

ZeroTech “Dobby” Selfie Drone – $599

Got a friend who’s interested in personal photography … from unusual angles? Well, for aerial selfies, the ZeroTech “Dobby” will do the job just fine. It comes with a 13 megapixel camera for taking stills, or full HD video.

You can aim the camera even while it’s flying – for up to nine minutes per charge.

Actually, we wouldn’t mind one of those for ourselves, although we’d probably point the camera elsewhere.

Read all about it here.

LG OLED65B6T OLED TV – $6799

The fact remains that if someone wants the very best picture quality from their TV, there’s only one technology that’s providing it: OLED. And one company that’s selling OLED TVs.

LG’s new “B” series OLEDs include all the latest features of its smart TVs, and adds to the unsurpassed depths of its blacks a two thirds increase in the brightness of its whites.

Read all about it here.

DeLonghi Avvolta two slice toaster – $199

DeLonghi Avvolta toaster
How about a toaster as a stocking filler? Okay, maybe it’s a bit big, a bit heavy. But who couldn’t do with having their toaster replaced? This one looks gorgeous and, we discovered, works very well.

With red, white and black as colour options it’ll fit into any décor, especially if the matching kettle is used. For big families, there’s a four slice option.

Read all about it here.