Toshiba builds in BigPond Wireless Broadband to their new Portege and Tecra M9 computers

May 26, 2008

Toshiba and BigPond are making it easier than ever for business users to set up always-connected virtual offices while they’re on the move, with the availability of three new notebooks with BigPond Wireless Broadband Built-in.

The introduction of these new models expands Toshiba’s 3G product family which now consists of four products: the Portege R500, the world’s lightest most fully-featured notebook, the Portege M700 tablet, the Tecra M9, a rugged desktop replacement, and the Portege R400 tablet PC.

These new models will allow Toshiba users, who are signed up to a BigPond plan in Australia, the convenience of being able to stay connected and work remotely in more places than ever before. With BigPond’s superior coverage through Telstra’s Next G network, users will experience fewer drop-outs, black spots or loss of connection. And with access to superfast plans, typical download speeds of up to 550Kbps to 3Mbps can be enjoyed.

“With high speed mobile broadband access available to 99% of the Australian population, it’s natural that people should have the freedom to take their office with them without a second’s thought,” said Justin White, Product Marketing Manager, Specialised Segments at Toshiba Information Systems Division. “By teaming with BigPond and embedding Telstra Next G connectivity in our business notebooks, our customers can do just that – it makes mobility even more simple and powerful.”

“Following the launch of our Next G services, Australians have been further liberated with the freedom of Toshiba’s easy out-of-the-box notebook mobility,” said BigPond Group Managing Director, Justin Milne. “Next G enabled devices like these latest notebooks are a great way for our customers to access Bigpond’s Wireless Broadband service and be more flexible in where and how they access the internet.”

Source: Toshiba (Australia)