Toshiba embraces action with its Camileo action camera

GoPro practically set the action camera world on fire, and now everyone is getting in on the fun, with Toshiba joining in with its own model that looks like it can even take the same accessories.

Toshiba has been relatively quiet of late, with only a handful new computers and virtually no TVs announced locally, but that doesn’t mean the brand has been sitting on its hands.

Rather, it has a new model of camera ready to bring the fight to GoPro, which practically dominates the action camera scene.

The Camileo X-Sports Action Camera is a shot from Toshiba to try and even up the action camera market, bringing a small camera with a rugged and waterproof casing to consumers for $399 in Australia, complete with a 2 inch LCD built into the body.

There’s no 4K UHD recording like the recently announced GoPro Hero 4, but there is Full HD’s 1080p shot at 60fps, 720p at 120fps, 960p at 60fps, and 848×480 at 240fps, with 12 megapixel shots capable from the camera.

There’s also an ultra-wide lens, with Toshiba letting us know that it relies on a 2.96mm lens equivalent to a 16.7mm lens, with a low-light maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400.

WiFi control is also part of the package, thanks to an app we suspect, though it can be controlled with physical buttons, which the rugged waterproof cases uses spring-connected buttons to push down on, just like other competitors in this space.

We’re also checking with Toshiba to see if the Camileo X-Sports camera is compatible with GoPro’s own accessories, and while the company has yet to tell us, a quick glance at the pictures sent our way suggests they will be, with a very, very similar mount.

With a price of just under $400, the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports could be a compelling offering for people not sold on spending over the $500 mark that the new GoPros retail for, and who want the sprinkling of WiFi missing on the budget GoPro.

That said, we’re curious about the quality on offer, because while Toshiba is capable of making quality gear, we can’t imagine it’s easy to clone the GoPro with success, otherwise everybody would be doing it and GoPro wouldn’t be the action camera king that it is.

Regardless, you should be able to find the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports in stores shortly for a recommended retail price of $399.