Toshiba gives us a sneak peek of the new R700

Off the back from celebrating its 25th anniversary, Toshiba is readying its next premium laptop. The Portege R700 is like the Mercedes S class of laptops, setting the trend for future improvements in other laptops.

Replacing the Toshiba Portege R600, the newest in Toshiba’s range of ultralight professional laptops is the R700, a 13.3 inch laptop with the option for some very fast processing power.

Using a new airflow cooling system developed in part with Intel, the R700 can use high performance mobile chips such as the Core i5 and Core i7 processors with better heat dissipation.

Better yet, Toshiba has give the R700 the option to support up to 8GB of memory, something Windows 7 64-bit can definitely play with.

Toshiba R700 versus the R600
Toshiba R700 (left) gains a little bit of size over the R600 (right), but a lot more power too.

We’re told the R700 has been strengthened with magnesium to provide extra strength, and a quick play reveals just how light yet sturdy the laptop is.

We were so excited about the R700 that we didn’t want them to take it off of us. Sadly, our preview was short, but we’re told it won’t be long before we get our review unit in.

Toshiba R700 preview