Toshiba joins Apple with its own all-in-one

Considering a new desktop computer for the kitchen or living room? Toshiba might have something in its arsenal, combining the best parts of a TV and a computer.

The new Toshiba DX1210 doesn’t exactly have a name that rolls off of the tongue, but has some decent specs to it, with an Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB of memory, 1TB hard drive,  and a 21.5 inch Full HD screen.

It’s not the first all-in-one to be released this month, with Apple refreshing its iMac computers only a couple of weeks ago.

Different from the recently refreshed iMac, Toshiba makes the all-in-one different with two high-speed USB 3.0 ports, an integrated TV tuner, Blu-ray drive, Toshiba’s upsampling Resolution+ technology for making standard definition into high definition, Onkyo speakers, face recognition login software, and HDMI-in port enabling you to use the screen for something other than the computer it was built for.

Toshiba tells us the DX1210 will retail for $1899, a price that’s a fair chunk higher than what the competition is pushing, but given the TV functionality built in, may make the perfect purchase for that room in your house missing a TV and a computer.

Toshiba's DX1210 PC will come in black and white, and features a remote control.