Toshiba SDP92SKY portable DVD player

Toshiba’s latest portable DVD player, the SDP92SKY, is available in stores now. It has a nine inch screen, with battery enough to let you watch for up to 3 hours.

In addition to playing DVDs, you can also play all your DivX media files from both disc and SD card. The SD card option allows you to use the SDP92SKY as a music player or photo viewer.

The player’s switchable audio/video input and output gives you the option of connecting to an external TV or use the screen and speakers as the display device for a digital camera or camcorder.

Included in the box is an in-car power adapter, remote control, AV cables, battery pack and AC power / adaptor.

Price and availability

Toshiba’s SDP92SKY portable DVD player, is available now at an RRP of $399.