Toshiba sells Cell processor plant back to Sony, is this the end of the Cell Regza?

Toshiba’s yet-released high end TV utilising the powerful PlayStation 3 processor may have seen its demise now that Sony has bought the plant making the Cell processor.

The Cell TV was introduced at CES this year and was Toshiba’s one and only product at the event in Las Vegas. Promising to change TVs, Toshiba’s Cell Regza TV would connect your home to your HD TV world and convert all of your 2D video right into 3D.

This week, however, Sony bought Toshiba’s Cell processor plant, possibly throwing a spanner in the works.

What does this mean for Toshiba’s awaited Regza TV powered by the Cell processor? We can’t imagine that the future is bright (like a TV), but with CES just around the corner in early January, we’ll know soon.