Toshiba’s Encore gets bigger for its sequel

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Announced this week, Toshiba is giving itself a second encore, so to speak, as it one ups its Encore tablet with a slightly bigger second addition.

Unsurprisingly, this new model will be called the Encore 2, with the size changing from what we saw last time.

For those unaware, the first Encore was an 8 inch machine, packing in an Intel quad-core Atom processor, 2GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, microHDMI, microSD, and a 1280×800 screen in the 8 inch body, with Windows 8.1 showcased on this tablet, a release that Toshiba waited for and released together.

We checked it out earlier in the year and found that while it was good, it was also ordinary, with nothing amazing to really set itself apart from the crowd.

That might be different with the Encore 2, however, as Toshiba takes a similar template and upgrades the screen size, making the machine into a 10.1 inch tablet for people who are after more than just a small slate.

“Families, students and workers are demanding affordable yet fully-featured devices that offer on-the-fly versatility with minimal downtime, maximum battery life and ultimate flexibility,” said Anthony Geronimo, Consumer Product Marketing Manager, Toshiba Australia’s ISD.

“The Encore 2 delivers all this and more, providing a seamless experience from desktop to device with a suite of technologies that let users seamlessly connect with their digital world.”

If it sounds like the tablet for you, Toshiba’s Encore 2 will reach stores in the next week or so, with $399 set as the recommended retail price for the 32GB model, while $499 will be the price for the 64GB variant, with both expandable through a microSD slot.