Toshiba’s first Chromebook priced and available locally

The web browser-based operating system that is Google’s Chrome OS is beginning to provide an interesting entry point for new computer owners, particularly those that rely heavily on the web, and Toshiba wants in, releasing its first Chromebook in Australia.

First announced at CES earlier in the year alongside some other not yet locally announced machines (including the world’s first notebook with a 4K screen), Toshiba’s first Chromebook is now ready for release in Australia, bringing with it a 13.3 inch HD screen and one of Intel’s fourth-generation processors to make both performance and battery life decent.

Like the other Chromebooks coming from manufacturers such as Acer and Samsung, Google’s Chrome OS is included, delivering pretty much the best of the web right to a browser-based interface, while also including access to Google’s office applications within Google Drive, Google Play Music, and numerous other bits and pieces in the Google Chrome ecosystem.

The Chromebook itself weighs in at 1.5 kilograms, and will likely include 16GB storage on the computer, with an extra 100GB of online cloud storage on Google Drive for two years.

Two USB 3.0 ports are also included, useful for moving data to and from the laptop quickly, while an HDMI port will make it a cinch to connect to TVs, and the included SD card slot will make bringing images from a digital camera over to the Chromebook for some quick editing in Snapseed doable too.

Pricing for the Toshiba Chromebook does look competitive, though, with a recommended retail price for this laptop set at $399, not much more than what either Samsung or Acer are offering locally.

Time will tell if this model has what it takes to be better than any of the currently available Chromebooks, but interested parties can find it in stores this week across the country.