TP-Link Tapo C410 KIT may never need recharging

TP-Link Tapo C410 KIT wireless camera kit mounted to external roof gutter with bright sky
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There’s one really annoying aspect to a wireless IP-connected home security camera, and that’s the way you have to pull it down and recharge it every month or so. TP-Link’s Tapo C410 KIT wireless camera dispenses with this issue by incorporating a solar panel into the mounting bracket. The company says with just 45 minutes of sun, the camera will get enough power to last through an entire day-night cycle.

Solar powered and IP65 rated

Solar panels for cameras have existed for a while – the Tapo A201 is an example – but these have separate mounts and connect to the camera via a charging cord. This might suit some installations, but if you want that really clean and simple look, the Tapo C410 KIT is the way to go.

Plus, since it’s a single unit without any exposed plugs or connectors, it gets an IP65 dust and weatherproof rating. So as long as you give it a modicum of shelter, say under an eave, it can live outside and cover whatever angle of your property you need covered.

Since you don’t need to recharge it (the PV panel takes care of that), the Tapo C410 KIT is a good fit for properties and locations that you don’t need (or want) to visit regularly.

Stormy days and even heavily overcast weeks aren’t a problem either, since the camera has a 180-day battery inside that the solar panel keeps topped up. (TP-Link points out the 180 days is an ideal run time, it depends on how often the camera is activated by its motion sensors.)

Colourful HD night vision

One of the signature features of the Tapo line is better-than-HD image quality. The Tapo C410 uses a 2K 3MP sensor, which captures more detail than a 1080P camera – maybe enough extra facial or small text detail to make all the difference when it comes to your security. Night vision is in colour, and the Tapo C410 KIT has onboard LED spotlights that activate automatically when the IR sensors detect movement.

That detection is AI-enhanced, and the camera can pick the difference between people, pets, and vehicles, which means fewer false alarms. It also helps keep the notifications you get via the app to an informative, not irritating level. All this functionality is included with the Tapo C410 KIT for $AU149 or $NZ199, and there’s no monthly subscription or cost for the app. 

TP-Link’s Tapo C410 KIT and app requires no monthly subscription. 

More Tapo wireless camera options

Need even beefier surveillance? The Tapo C425 is a camera-only pack (it comes solo, or in a pack of two or four) that bumps the sensor up to 2K QHD and adds Tapo’s Starlight Sensor for true night vision with (almost) no ambient illumination.

The Tapo C425 does need to be manually recharged, albeit only every 300 days of operation, but it has a neat magnetic mount so you can just pop the camera down, plug it in, and get it back up once the 10,000mAh battery is full. And if that’s not practical for where you need the camera, TP-Link will soon release a Tapo C425 KIT version, equipped with solar panel for truly hands-free 24/7 security.  

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