Save over $120 on TPG 5G internet during Black Friday

TPG 5G internet

As the Black Friday sales heat up, plenty of telcos have also joined the fray. In a new sale, you can save upwards of $120 on wireless TPG 4G and 5G internet plans over six months.

Live now, TPG 4G and 5G home internet plans are free for the first month, followed by a monthly $10 discount for six months. At the highest sale tier, it equates to a $64.99 discount upfront plus an additional saving of $60 over half a year, totalling $124.99 in savings.

Like many promotions, it only applies to customers who don’t already have a home internet plan with TPG. Regardless, it’s a decent deal if you want to change providers. Another reason why you might consider 4G or 5G wireless internet is if your area isn’t serviced by NBN infrastructure. Otherwise, it’s worth comparing the cheapest NBN plans to see what saves the most money.

Included in the Black Friday sale are three options, all with unlimited data. One is a 4G connection with 16Mbps download speeds, suitable for low-usage households that only need internet access for emails, browsing, and watching HD streams. This one’s down to $44.99 a month by using the code ‘4GBF10’ during the promotional period.

Two TPG 5G home internet plans are also discounted during Black Friday: a 50Mbps tier and a faster 100Mbps option. These plans are better suited to households with multiple people living under the same roof. Activities like 4K streaming, online gaming, and downloading large files benefit from the greater bandwidth. In addition to the free month, these plans are down to $49.99 and $54.99 respectively when you use the code ‘5GBF10’.

TPG 5G internet alternatives

Alongside TPG’s Black Friday sale, various iiNet internet plans are also nicely discounted. Owned by TPG Telecom, iiNet has dropped the price on its entry-level NBN plans in addition to 4G and 5G wireless home internet. At the time of writing, both TPG and iiNet are among the cheapest wireless internet options in Australia. Neither brand charges a modem fee, unlike Spintel, so there aren’t any extra costs involved.

As for the iiNet NBN plans, the discounts apply to the NBN12, NBN 25, and NBN50 plans. When compared to other NBN plans, they’re some of the most affordable available now. To access the reduced prices, use the code ‘NBNBF10’.

As mentioned by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently, it’s worth weighing up your options, considering that prices are changing for NBN across the board. You’ve got some time, though, as these deals are live until 5 December 2023.

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