TrafficAU for the iPhone – real-time traffic information

Australian motorists will now be able to get live traffic congestion updates on their iPhone via a new application that incorporates data from SUNA Traffic Channel.

The application, TrafficAU, enables iPhone users to remain up-to-date on current road conditions by automatically detecting their location and providing local traffic information. It is the first mobile phone traffic service in Australia to provide data from tens of thousands of collection points embedded in the roads.

Using SUNA technology, TrafficAU is able to map a wide range of road incidents including slow moving traffic, accidents, road closures and major road works information in your pre-determined location.

Adam Game, Chief Executive Officer, Intelematics Australia said TrafficAU would be a useful information tool for all iPhone users.

“Users are able to see all current traffic conditions either listed, or displayed on a map; they can drill-down on any incident for a brief description as well as information showing which direction of travel is affected; and users can adjust their location to other capital cities where the SUNA service is available when they travel there.”

TrafficAU has been developed by CLO Software, a mobile software development company specialising in iPhone applications based in Boston, USA. Founder Chris Oklota, who has built a number of traffic apps for the iPhone said, “Since our first traffic application for the iPhone, users have been emailing us to request a version that works in Australia. Now, with the integration of the SUNA traffic service, we are very happy to release TrafficAU and bring the convenience of mobile traffic monitoring to even more iPhone users.”

The iPhone application is the first smartphone service to leverage content from SUNA Traffic Channel, Australia’s most comprehensive source of real-time traffic information in major capitals.

SUNA’s proprietary systems monitor traffic conditions using the tens of thousands of traffic sensors driving modern traffic lights, supplemented with other sources including probe vehicles, freeway sensors, tow truck allocations, roadwork information, special events and expert camera observers. SUNA is already available with leading portable navigation systems.


TrafficAU can be purchased from the iTunes Store for a recommended retail price of $3.99 for 12 months access.