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Surface Go has a 3.5mm analogue audio jack. It has a microSDXC card reader. We tested with a 256GB card, and it was fine.


The keyboard is for convenience. It has 1mm throw and 40g activation. The main keys are 15mm square and well-spaced with half size Function keys.

Surface Go

In the review, I reached 80 wpm and 75% accuracy. After using it for an hour to write this article, I had improved accuracy but not speed.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi AC is particularly good holding the AC signal long after other devices lose it.

Bluetooth 4.2 uses the standard SBC 24-buit/48000Hz codec and supports simulated 7.1 sound over headphones.


Remember we turfed Windows 10 S mode which is what all the battery life claims are made on. Microsoft claims 9 hours with an FHD video.

Loaded with Office, Norton etc., and then tuned with ShutUp10 in Home mode our video test was about 7.5 hours (in S-Mode we achieved 8 hours). That is pretty good compared to a Pro at around 5 hours.

In office use – Wi-Fi, BT, 75% screen brightness etc we got between five and seven hours depending on usage patterns.

GadgetGuy’s take – it has a place

I travel to and from the NSW Central Coast to Sydney Central by rail – about 1.25 hours station to station. My usual travel companion is a Surface Pro 12.6” screen and I play a couple of episodes of sci-fi to while away the time. When in Sydney or at home I dock it and it becomes my primary computing device.

I did not miss the screen real estate. At 10-inches it does video content very well. Certainly, a lot better than a 5-to-6-inch smartphone.

In productivity use, it was more than adequate. The Intel Pentium Gold 44157 processor is a two-core 1.6GHz – perfect for all office use.

The USB—C port gives this the edge over a Surface Pro – one dongle gives amazing expansion.

And finally, it is Windows 10. It works with everything – printers, NAS, video formats, music, networks and more. I tried to achieve this with an Android tablet and was unsuccessful.

Yes it can replace a Surface Pro for the right user.

Who is it for?

Given the right dock, it could be a work, home and travel device. It would be equally good for students and workers. My wife uses the original Surface as a Kindle reader, video consumption and occasional work device and it only has 2GB!