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  • Micro dropouts lasting less than a minute that stuffed up my remote access VPN
  • Macro dropouts lasting ten minute to ten hours
  • 80+% of the time upload speeds were around 3Mbps
  • The so-called fall-back to the Telstra Gen-2 4G modem was not reacting fast enough to save my work in progress.
  • My wife also telecommutes and was losing work – we both ended up spending way to much time in Sydney to get a reliable internet connection
  • OK Google and Wi-Fi IoT devices were continually stuffed up (and we have a smart home that relies on the internet)
  • Netflix stopped at the most inconvenient times

You can see why we were not happy.

While Alvin did occasionally call me, I had to drive Telstra (copying in the TIO and NBN) to get any response. When I did get responses, they were “All is well”, so I sent another batch of reports showing it was not!

TIO is passive – walk quietly and carry a big stick

Not being critical because without a TIO complaint number nothing would have happened. But apart from automated acknowledgements of my emails I only had two emails from a real person – one acknowledging the complaint and one acknowledging its closure.

The result to my trials and tribulations with Telstra NBN

Absolute bloody frustration. Telstra says it is all OK but my Fing Box (Don’t do a fing online without it) says otherwise.

trials and tribulations with Telstra NBN
The Green and blue lines should be flat and the red lines indicate outages
  • Numerous modem changes and cable replacement made no difference.
  • NBN is delivering the required speeds and reliability to the node/MDF – meeting its wholesale obligations
  • Telstra’s network overlay is the only variable factor and the cause of the fault.

The service does appear to have improved in the past week or so. Is this the end of trials and tribulations with Telstra NBN?

I suspect that Telstra network engineers had an “Oh, shit” moment and found software or routing issues because nothing else has changed. So much for a technologically advanced, so-called premium service provider.

I finally requested that Telstra offer a ‘reasonable’ compensation package (so if you are in the same boat, remember that is your right). It did and can now close the case and get the TIO off its back. Until next time!

I am mentally exhausted – I have had enough of trials and tribulations with Telstra NBN. But I will keep monitoring – persistence and data.

PS: If readers are experiencing internet issues, I am happy to email the Windows BAT files so you can test – data is king.