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Fast forward to yesterday

Yet another dropout. Very inconvenient when you work in a secure CMS (content management system) that requires you to log back in every time.

At that very moment, a person (from the Philippines complaints call centre) rang. They had the temerity to tell me that Telstra was closing my formal complaint as my internet was working within tolerances. Now I am not one to see red, but my voice rose a few octaves. Thor, God of Thunder would have been proud.

“Now I know its not your fault. You are probably a nice person working hard to earn a living so don’t take this personally. BUT MY BLOODY INTERNET IS NOT WORKING AS WE SPEAK. YOU CANNOT CLOSE MY CASE!”

They had the temerity to respond that the tests showed it was working. I hurriedly ran the Telstra speed test (yes there is a special one because they don’t trust OOKLA) and it was not working!

She then went through the bloody script (that I have been through so many times I can repeat it rote). Yes, I have a direct connection via Ethernet cable to the Telstra router. No, there are no other devices connected. Yes, I have power-off/on the router and my PC. Oh, YOU WANT ME TO CHANGE CABLES …”

The straw that broke this camel’s back

I have now sent a formal complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. It is a last resort to get the Telstra clowns to deliver what I pay dearly for – reliable NBN internet.

Trials and tribulations with Telstra

I want to assure readers that it is very easy, all can be done online. All you need is that hallowed complaint number from your NBN provider.

Why am I cross at Telstra and not the NBN?

The NBN is the infrastructure provider. It does not deal with the public in any manner. It appoints tier one major CSPs (Carriage, sorry crap service providers) like Telstra and Optus and tier two RSPs (retail, sorry rubbish service providers) that resell the service, provide billing and complaints resolution, modems etc.

Under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) the company you pay the money to for goods as services is totally responsible for the supply of same.

Telstra call centre staff know not to blame the NBN. But, numerous friends say that NBN is onyx black according to the Tier two RSPs they use. I know for a fact that NBN will fix an issue promptly when a C/RSP reports it. Just as any other major utility does.

What is next?

OK, I will spend a few hundred dollars and replace the cable inside my home. Note that almost everyone who is on FTTN will have to do this before your C/RSP acts.

I am 99.99% sure that is not the issue. I expect Telstra to pick up the cost if the pain persists. In any case, Thomas Bartlett is not alone in suffering gross incompetence from what was once Australia’s premium telecommunications network provider.

PS – If, by my paying to install a new cable fixes the issue I will formally apologise to Telstra! But that will be worth it just to get this rant off my chest.

Trials and tribulations with Telstra