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Oh, what’s that? 2GB of data? Not 25GB? Ugghh!


I should have known something was up. The previous week I had received three SMS from Telstra. The first told me my Telstra message bank was now enabled. But I already had that. The second that International Roaming was now enabled. Why? I usually keep it switched off, just in case. The third was a repeat of the first. Something was going on with my mobile contract.

So with that letter in hand, saying that I have only 8% of the data I thought I had, I rang Telstra. I spoke to another helpful, personable lady who was as puzzled as me. Especially as it appeared that my mobile number had been cancelled.

That’s the phone number that I’ve had for 22 years. It’s a thing dear to me and well known to my family.

Fortunately, it was still working, as evidenced by the fact I was talking on that phone to Telstra. Eventually, she found that it was now a sole business trader number rather than a personal one. Apparently they are different things.

They are certainly handled by different areas of Telstra.

Business vs Pleasure

She introduced me to another helpful, personable lady who confirmed that I was indeed on a $59, 15GB (+10GB bonus) plan with Telstra. The letter? No idea why that had come.

But since I was now on a business plan for my mobile, I’d have a separate account for it. Rather than the combined landline/broadband/mobile account I’ve had forever, Telstra will henceforth bill me separately for mobile and broadband.

I asked her to try to combine the two, and we left it there. That was 45 minutes on the phone to Telstra. Fun. I guess.

I tweeted the story. @Telstra was monitoring for mentions. Someone at customer service was “so sorry to hear of this alteration to your account not being what was advised, and the long phone call”.

A couple of days later another letter came via snail-mail. “My order,” it called itself, “On a new kind of network”. But this time it was the right price and the right amount of data (sort of, it didn’t mention the 10GB bonus).



And that was the end of it. Well, the end of Part 1. Part 2 started yesterday. But this time it was my broadband service.