Trivia hits the Nintendo Wii with the release of Smarty Pants

Electronic Arts announced today that Smarty Pants, the first trivia game for the Wii, has shipped to store shelves in North America and will ship to retailers throughout Europe on November 16 and in Australia on November 22.

So go ahead and take the challenge! Do you know more than your Grandma about world history? Does your little sister know more than your Dad about sports? Find out by playing Smarty Pants, the trivia game that levels the playing field for friends and family, combining age-targeted trivia with action-based gestures, making for a truly trans-generational game exclusively for the Wii.

In Smarty Pants, questions are tailored to the contestant’s age, allowing friends and family members ages eight to eighty to play simultaneously. Choose to play in Friends Mode, a rapid-fire competitive trivia showdown, or Family Mode, in which players team up in a race against the clock.  As you play, the game tracks everyone’s answers and adjusts the difficulty level to provide continuous stimulation and challenge. Exciting Wii gestures make everything a game, from spinning the category wheel and tug-of-wars to ‘dance-offs’ for additional points. With both competitive and collaborative game modes and thousands questions in multiple categories, Smarty Pants brings virtually endless fun and replayability for families and friends alike.

Local categories and questions?

Categories and questions are also fully localised with country appropriate content for North America, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

There is no Australian localisation in the initial edition, however a local representative of Electronics Arts advised Gadget this is hoped to be changed in later editions of the game.


Smarty Pants will have an RRP of $99.99.

Source: Electronic Arts