TruAudio takes your music underground – literally – with the SubTerrain

There are those that say some bands were better when they were underground, and not as famous. This week, though, that saying doesn’t have the same effect on us now that we know subwoofers can be pushed underground, too.

Designed to make outdoor entertaining easier, the TruAudio SubTerrain is a speaker based on a song — loosely, anyway.

Encased in a soft yellow plastic shape with an black periscope-like object protruding from the top, the SubTerrain looks a little like a yellow submarine, and the sort you can imagine four English blokes singing about in the 60s.

The periscope-like thing is an airflow tube, which connects to a subwoofer in the yellow casing to produce a powerful bass sound from the technology inside the casing, which itself features a 4.5 inch polypropylene woofer and a 0.75 inch silk soft dome tweeter. Also of note is the casing, which is completely sealed and non-corrosive, so you won’t feel bad about leaving it in the ground.

This writer might feel bad, as our dogs would probably sniff around it, tempted to raise their legs as we watch over, with us yelling at them if the thought even came to mind, but at least we could rest in the knowledge that they’ll only be doing it from marking their territory, and not because they have irritated eardrums.

According to a representative of TruAudio, your canine friend shouldn’t be too concerned by the sound as “dogs respond to high frequencies, not low frequencies.” If you have any ground burrowing animals — perhaps a wombat or two — that we’re not too sure of, and the sound may or may not be obvious to them, unless you have wombats that like Metallica or heavy wombat metal.

But an underground sub is only one part of the equation, as this will distribute heavy bass sounds through the compact soil and ground in your backyard, localising the sound around the sub so that you can hear it, but not necessarily your neighbours.

If you already have outdoor speakers, great, but the other part of the package is a pair of Acoustiscape speakers, providing weather resistant sound that can send out everything else outside of the bass, which the SubTerrain is taking care of.

Pricing for the subterranean sub comes in at $1995, while the addition of two Acoustiscape speakers (which bring it to a 2.1 outdoor system) raise the price to $2475, with availability at select retailers across the country.