TruSens air purifier 2020 range – Z-1000, Z-2000 and Z-3000

TruSens Z-3000

Air purification has become a hot category. The TruSens air purifier 2020 range includes three portable purifiers to suit small to medium rooms. Its point of difference – a replaceable UV bulb that helps to prevent the growth of odour-causing microbes on the surface of the filter. No, it does not kill COVID.

Its hay fever and back burn season so more are looking for air purifiers. The TruSens air purifier 2020 range s, as we found, great for smaller homes and closed spaces.

Why a purifier and what to look for?

Most true air purifiers use a mix of filters – pre-filter (for larger visible particles or <PM10), HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air for micron-sized <PM2.5) and activated carbon (for noxious gas absorption). Some add UV and other sterilising light.

Currently, no filter traps more than 99.X% of everything, and we are extremely suspicious of any filter that claims it traps and kills COVID or a similar virus.

Filters generally quote a CADR (clean air delivery rate in m3/hr). For example, a typical bedroom 3x3x2.8m (about 25m3) has 25,000 litres of air to clean. Now if you can close the windows and doors, CADR is not such an issue as once cleaned it remains that way until more ‘dirty air’ enters the room.

Purifiers either have a directional fan or just vent the air back to the room.

And then we look at ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

Australian review: TruSens air purifier 2020 range – Z-2000 (with details on the two other models)

  • Website here
  • Price: Z-1000/Z-2000/Z-3000 $179/298/419
  • Rated for: up to 23/35/70m2
  • Warranty: 2-year ACL
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • ACCO Brands is behind TruSens. It is best known for stationery products like Artline, Derwent, Esselte, GBC, Kensington, Maped, Marbig, Quartet, Rapid, Rexel, Spirax, Stabilo, and Xstamper. What GadgetGuy’s knows is that ACCO Brands are all about quality at reasonable prices in highly competitive markets.
TruSens air purifier 2020 range

 First impression – EXCEED

It is a 223mm round x 567mm x 4.1kg cylinder with an oblique angled top that forms a handle. Its size indicates that it is not as powerful as larger air purifiers. Why? It quotes room size at cleaning two times per hour, whereas larger units could clean it 15-20 times an hour.

The design is slightly different, and I like the subtle glowing ring that indicates overall air quality.

It is very easy to use – plug it in, turn it on auto and let it do its thing.


Room size assumes a standard 2.4m ceiling height. TruSens does not quote a CAGR (clean air delivery rate) but states that air changes twice every hour. Our calculations are

  • Z-1000 for small rooms to 23m2 (CADR 110m3)
  • Z-2000 for medium rooms to 35m2 (CADR 168m3)
  • Z-3000 for larger rooms to 70m2 (CADR 336m2)

As we said, CADR is an important measure of how fast the air is cleaned. It does not matter in closed rooms – once it is clean, well it is clean. But don’t buy the Z-2000 if you have a large open space where air can come in from several sources.

Filter efficiency – EXCEED

Each has a different sized Dupont filter unit comprising a washable pre-filter and individually replaceable HEPA and active carbon filters. These filters capture down to 3um.

They also have a replaceable UV bulb that helps to prevent the growth of odour-causing microbes on the surface of the filter — these last up to three years.

The Z-1000/Z-2000/Z-3000 UV lamps are $18/39/54 each. We won’t comment on the efficacy of the lamps except to say that UV does kill bacteria on the filter surface given enough time.

Replacement filters cost

  • Z-1000 – a 2-in-1 filter $44 or the carbon filter for $19
  • Z-2000 – a 3-in-1 filter for $79 or the carbon filter for $32
  • Z-3000 – a 3-in-1 filter for 99 or the carbon filter for $38

There is no rated life for the multi-filter – the machine indicated when it requires replacement. The carbon filter usually needs to be replaced every three months.

The Sensor Pod – PASS

Where most air purifiers have built-in sensors, the Z-2000 and Z-3000 have a separate Wireless Sensor Pod with a range of 15 metres. This is for particulate matter (PM) – not noxious gasses.

TruSense suggests that this is important to ensure that the whole room is purified – not just the air around the filter. That is the theory but it is not the reason to buy.

It also enables TruSens to display the 1 to 500-point Air Quality Index (AQI). It only uses three colours – Blue (Good) for PM 0-50, Yellow (Moderate) PM 50-100 and Red (Poor) PM 100-500.

Some other purifiers display this via four steps, but it is no real issue as it also shows the PM count on an LCD readout

TruSens air purifier 2020 range

Airflow – PASS

Initially, and if required, for around 10 minutes, the TruSens works on Turbo (maximum fan speed) and gradually became quieter as the AQI lowers.

Air comes into the filter from 360°. It gently blows out the top in two directions. About 70% comes forward at 45°, and 30% goes up at 90°. TruSens claims it is 24% better than a unidirectional airflow.

It is not a fan unit.

TruSens air purifier 2020 range

Sound – PASS

Our tests were

  • Auto model from 33-50dB
  • Whisper – Low speed 35dB
  • Mid speed 45dB
  • Turbo – High speed – 65dB

Timer – PASS

Sleep mode – 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours (best left on auto)

Safety – PASSable

The unit weighs 4.1kg and has a top handle. It is very easy to tip over and should not be used around small children. That said its not heavy enough to do much damage should it fall on them.

Power – PASS

The unit requires 140V power, and the SensorPod uses a 9V/.5A plug charger

  • Z-1000 28Wh
  • Z-2000 – 40Wh
  • Z-300 68Wh

GadgetGuy’s take – The TruSens air purifier 2020 range is really more of a personal air purifier

It is well made, no-nonsense and low cost to run (energy use and filter replacement).

These are more suited to closed rooms due to the lower CADR rate. But once the air is clean, it maintains that.

Because Aussie homes tend to be more open plan think about either the Z-3000 model although I would be looking for a more traditional unit with at least 450m2/hour or more CADR.

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Value for money
Ease of Use
No app, no snooping
Easy to use
Recommended for smaller homes, closed spaces
CADR is not as high as you think - it is based on two air cleans per hour