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Air purification has become a hot category, and TruSens have a range of three portable purifiers to suit small, medium and larger rooms. We put the TruSens air purifier Z-2000 to the test.

GadgetGuy put the TruSens air purifier Z-2000 (medium room) to the test. It is a solid contender for the perfect purifier at just $299.

ACCO Brands is behind TruSens. It is best known for stationery products like Artline, Derwent, Esselte, GBC, Kensington, Maped, Marbig, Quartet, Rapid, Rexel, Spirax, Stabilo, and Xstamper. What GadgetGuy’s knows is that ACCO Brands are all about quality at reasonable prices in highly competitive markets.

TruSens comes in three models

  • Z-1000 for small rooms to 23m2 $179
  • Z-2000 for medium rooms to 35m2 $298
  • Z-3000 for larger rooms to 70m2 $419
TruSens models

Room size assumes a standard 2.4m ceiling height. TruSens does not quote a CAGR (clean air delivery rate) but states that air changes twice every hour. On that basis the Z-2000 that is a CADR of 168m3/hour.

Each has a different sized Dupont filter unit comprising individually replaceable HEPA and actve carbon filters. They also have a replaceable UV bulb that helps to prevent the growth of odour-causing microbes on the surface of the filter — these last up to three years.

Trusens SensorPod

The Z-2000 and Z-3000 come with a separate TruSens SensorPod that can be placed up to 15 metres from the TruSens and monitors air quality in the room.

This is important to ensure that the whole room is purified – not just the air around the filter. It also enables the TruSens to display the 1 to 500-point Air Quality Index (AQI) scale from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 


For example, here is the NSW AQI and you can search for each states AQI. During the test, the outside AQI was 49 in the ‘good green range’. The purifier bought that down to six!

Out of the box – TruSens air purifier Z-2000

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Setup is simple – no app required.

  • TruSens Z-2000 and a two-pin standard power cord
  • SensorPod and a 9V/.5A plug charger

Place the filter pod up to 15m away and turn on both. Pair the SensorPod to the TruSens. Done.


Initially, for around 10 minutes, the TruSens was working overtime on Trubo (maximum fan speed) but gradually became whisper quiet as the AQI lowered.

It is best to leave it on 24/7 (Auto mode requires SensorPod). Our tests were in a 30m2 office and as soon as a door or windows opened the AQI indicator shot up to the 40s.


Our measurements were from 35dB (typical) to 70dB at Turbo speed.

Airflow – it is not a fan

Air comes into the filter from 360°. It gently blows out the top in two directions. About 70% comes forward at 45°, and 30% goes up at 90°. This creates gentle circulation to ensure the whole room is purified. TruSens claims it is 24% better than a unidirectional airflow.


  • Auto mode does all the work.
  • Manual fan speeds – Whisper, 1, 2, Turbo
  • Sleep mode – 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours (best left on auto)
  • AQI feedback in number and Blue/Orange/Red glow based on PM2.5 or larger particles


Trusens air purifier Z-2000

223 (round) x 567mm (high – includes carry handle) x 4.1kg it is best on a floor.


  • Z-1000 – 40Wh
  • Z-2000 28Whr
  • Z-300 68Wh


The display will tell you when to change filters. The HEPA filter (details here) has a washable pre-filter (wash when needed) and the filter should last 12-15 months depending on use and environment. The active carbon filter should be changed every three to four months (comes in a three-pack).

TruSens air purifier Z-2000

We don’t have replacement prices yet but will update this shortly.


We used it for five days in a 30m2 office. After the initial clean the air remained at an AQI of 6-8 unless we opened a window or door.

Did the air smell cleaner? Yes.

GadgetGuy’s take – if you need a purifier Trusens air purifier Z-2000 should be on your shopping list.

It is well made, no-nonsense and low cost to run (energy use and filter replacement).

Because Aussie homes tend to be more open plan think about the larger model.


Dyson makes a range of Purifiers with heating and fans, but these combo units tend to be more expensive to buy and run.

De’Longhi have a great purifier/fan/heater but it does not have an active carbon filter.

Philips have a range of dedicated purifiers for larger areas. They are among the best we have seen.

Whatever you do, make sure you match CADR with your room size and environment – or a purifier is a waste of money.

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