Twelve South to offer up a taller Apple Watch charger

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One of the things Apple hasn’t really thought about with its Watch is the charger: it’s flat, basic, and doesn’t feel like the rest of the premium product that is the Watch. Twelve South wants to fix that.

And it wants to fix that using a stand designed for the Watch itself.


You can think of this gadget as a dock for the Watch, much like how you can still find the odd dock for phones of various makes out there, and that’s what Twelve South’s HiRise aims to be, with the product lifting the Watch charger off of your nightstand and into a frame that allows the watch to be shown like an accessory, and allowing you to play with the Watch while it charges.


“With a device as revolutionary as Apple Watch, a lingering concern is battery life,” said Andrew Green, Twelve South’s Creative Director.

“HiRise makes overnight charging routine by providing a fixture that is far easier – and habit-forming – than a charging cable that falls to the floor and requires fumbling with at night. The easier and more convenient the charging stand, the better.”


We’re told the stand is metallic and sturdy, though haven’t confirmed if this actually means metal. Regardless, it will work with Apple Watch bands of all sorts, in both the buckled and unbuckled states.

Pricing in Australia puts the Twelve South HiRise at $69.99, with this one available at Myer and other specialist stores now.