Citizens of the web who love themselves a little bit of socialising may find Twitter has a new box for them to explore today, as the local arm switches on a new section.

If you’re an eager Tweeter, the next you open up the app on your smartphone or tablet, you may find it looks a little different.

Specifically, there may be a new box at the bottom of the screen called “Moments”.

A little different from your regular Tweetstream, this is Twitter’s way of communicating what it sees as important and happening out of the Twitter universe, not just your subscribed feed.


Worth noting is that this isn’t just a “best of” from the world of Twitter, because while you can search for a topic and see the most read tweets, Moments is handled by a team of editors out of Twitter.

Australia isn’t the first place to see the Moments feature, but it is the fourth place, joining the UK, USA, and Brazil as locations that support Twitter’s Moments feed.

“Twitter is absolutely part of the national conversation in Australia, across everything from sports and TV to politics and local news,” said Luke Hopewell, Twitter’s Curation Lead for Moments. “Previously, you may have felt you could only keep up by following thousands of accounts; with Moments, we do that for you.”