Two new Philips DVD recorders with hard disk – the DVDR5570H and the DVDR5520H

Philips Electronics Australia is proud to announce the availability of two new DVD recorders with hard disk, the DVDR5570H and the DVDR5520H, which feature built-in digital SD tuners with 250GB/160GB hard disk drives respectively. Both the DVDR5570H and the DVDR5520H offer simple control over TV watching and program recording with the benefit of Philips’ One Touch functionality. Philips’ DVD recorders with hard disk also come equipped with Dual Media ensuring recordings can be made on any format of disk and can playback on any DVD player.

All Philips Hard Disk Recorders feature High Definition technology and a range of connectivity options to provide the best possible picture and sound. Thanks to the HDMI connection and video upscaling to 1080p, every recording will be displayed in HD resolution with progressive scan to deliver sharp, true-to-life pictures. Both models include a digital coaxial input, enabling 5.1 multi-channel audio recording.

Each recorder also comes standard with the HDD Media Jukebox feature, providing the tools to create a digital media jukebox right in the living room. Movies, music, and photos can be quickly and conveniently transferred onto the recorder’s built-in hard disk via USB or disk to share with family and friends. The 2-way USB allows consumers to also transfer digital files from HDD to a USB flashdrive and enjoy content on the go. Philips goes one step further with i.LINK connectivity, which makes it possible to directly connect a camcorder to view and record personal memories.

Philips remains committed to the goal of providing consumers with home entertainment products that are easy to experience, demonstrated by features such as One Touch Pause Live TV and One Touch Recording. When necessary users can instantly pause or record the action with just one touch of a button. Programming can then be resumed, replayed, or saved to share with friends and family at anytime. In addition, all Philips DVD recorders with hard disk feature a unique Time Shift Buffer which automatically records up to six hours of programming whenever the unit is turned on.

Another key feature of the Philips DVDR5570H and DVDR5520H is Dual Media support which guarantee users that any DVD they purchase including: DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW, will be compatible for recording on the device. Once a DVD is recorded, Philips will further guarantee that the disk can be played back on any DVD player.

Philips’ DVD recorders with hard disk feature intuitive Easy Logic Menus, enabling users to browse through settings and multimedia content quickly and simply. The rotary wheel remote control is the perfect partner to the recorder and facilitates fast and enjoyable content navigation.

Main features

  • One Touch Pause Live TV freezes the action instantly
  • Instant replay for reliving live TV moments
  • Automatic 6-hour buffer recording
  • HDMI 1080p upscaling for high definition images
  • Progressive scan component video for optimised image quality
  • Dual Media support for 100% recordability and 100% playability
  • One touch recording
  • Store up to 300 hours of TV recordings on the 250GB DVDR5570H
  • Store up to 170 hours of TV recordings on the 160GB DVDR5520H
  • 5.1 channel audio recording of TV programs
  • Easy file transfer between HDD, DVD, and high speed USB 2.0
  • HDD Media Jukebox for storage and playback of movies, music, and photos
  • i.LINK for direct connection to digital cameras/camcorders
  • Inbuilt hybrid digital/analog TV tuner

Price and availability

Both models are available from May 2008. The Philips DVDR5570H (250GB) has a suggested retail price of $669.95, while the DVDR5520H (160GB) is $569.95.

Source: Philips Electronics Australia