CRT-based rear projection televisions still have a few strengths over digital flat screens, such as the ability to produce excellent black levels. As they?re not digital, they?re also able to scale with resolution very smoothly, which is a good thing if you?re playing a variety of media or watching a mix of standard definition and high-definition television.

The Panasonic TX-56P800HA comes in with sizable 56 inch screen, which is larger than many high-end plasmas, yet it also costs significantly less. It can also handle a 1080i high-definition signal, although there is no built-in digital tuner, so you?ll need a set-top box. The TX-56P800HA also lacks any digital connectors, instead relying on conventional component connectors.

It might not have all the latest digital features, but if you?re looking for a huge screen that costs less than a plasma, this unit is still worth a look. However as this is an aging technology, you?re better to consider a digital projector if a huge screen is what you?re after.

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