udoq is the ultimate Apple or Android charge dock


udoq is a story of desperation. Münchner Marcus Kuchler applied typical German engineering precision to solve the problem of how to charge all his Apple gear: iPad, iPhone, Watch and iPod.

Kuchler has a head start. He owns product design company, marwin PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. He has been inventing, developing, and designing products for major brands all over the world. Brands like Adidas, Porsche, Rimowa, Cherry, and Leica.

Kuchler and his 10-member team of engineers and designers worked for three years on the development and manufacture of the udoq. He says the minimalist design and patented technology will make udoq one of the most desired innovations in the world.

Udoq (website here)  is the ultimate Apple dock so let’s do Android as well!

The overall design is the same, but the connectors and cables vary. Docks can come in 250, 400, 550, and 700mm.

GadgetGuy’s take – charging needs power

Typically, a micro-USB device needs from 500mA to 2A and a USB-C/Lightning device needs 2 to 3A. That is not including Qualcomm Fast Charge 3.0/4.0 or other Fast chargers like OPPO VOOC. From what I can see its possible to use your own charger, so that is no issue.

Laser Co has a ten port USB charger (maximum 12W total with a maximum of 5 x 2.4A devices).

Indiegogo is hosting the crowdfunding campaign for the Ultimate Apple Dock. This includes a Watch charge plate and Qi iPhone charge plate.

udoqAt the time of writing (11 July 2018) it has 12 days to go with 48% of its goal reached. If the campaign is successful, it will launch in December, well before Xmas. If not, the money comes back – no risk.