Ultimate Ears become more… ultimate

If you’ve just bought a new set of headphones as a gift for yourself, Logitech-owned company, Ultimate Ears, may have just made the purchase redundant.

The company’s translucent 18 Pro canal phones take the concept of “ultimate” to a new level, with the inclusion of six individual drivers per earbud. That’s two miniature drive units for reproducing treble, two for midrange frequencies, and two for bass inside each of the earphones.

Ultimate Ears says the 18 Pros reduce ambient noise by 26dB, while their three-channel four-way crossover design works to ensure the various frequencies are handled by the right pairs of drivers.

But you know that saying about costs and arms and legs? Well that applies here. At $US1350 ($1470 at current exchange and before shipping and local taxes), these cost more than today’s most popular multimedia phones and are up to triple the price of the market’s premium MP3 players.

Still, we reckon it’s worth raiding the kids’ education fund just for an audition.