Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 earphones – get ’em under your Santa hat

Ideal for: Audiophiles on the road,joggers, hikers, hermits

Price: $329.95

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Until late 2008 Ultimate Ears was an exclusive US brand supplying high-end earphones to musicians and performers. Logitech has just bought the company and now this amazing earphone tech is filtering down to us.

Instead of using a diaphragm speaker, Ultimate Ears uses armature technology. Rather than vibrate a conical membrane, these speakers tap a tiny metal arm on a metal box. The result is big sound in a tiny package.

The Super.Fi 5 earphones are balanced for a wide range of music, but if you’re serious you can pay twice as much for a set that includes three drivers in each earbud, as well as models designed for specific genres such as jazz or rock.

Lanyard design means you can hook these earphones over your ears in such a way that no manner of physical activity will dislodge them. Just watch out for traffic, because thanks to passive noise cancelling, you sure won’t hear it!