Ultrabook price drop inbound as Intel makes breakthrough

The creators of the Ultrabook design that’s making a mark on the world of laptop computers might have just found a way to make the ultra-thin breed of notebooks even more cost effective.

Intel, the makers of the Ultrabook specification, have reportedly come up with a new concept chassis design that cuts costs and still maintains a structural quality close to machined aluminium and other metal solutions.

The company hasn’t quite said what the breakthrough is, only to say that is borrows “engineering methodologies from the automotive and aerospace industries” and that it used “existing plastics widely available today, [and] would help lower the cost of Ultrabooks in the near future.”

While there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing from Intel and manufacturers taking advantage of this technology, it’s unlikely that the computers being announced at Computex this week will benefit from the discovery.

Instead, expect to see the fruits of this breakthrough in the next year, creating what could effectively be the netbook priced of the Ultrabook.