Ultrasone returns with three pairs for discerning ears

If you love audio, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Ultrasone before. We haven’t heard much from the headphone maker in a while, but it’s back with a few new cans for the discerning audio lover.

We haven’t seen a new pair of Ultrasone headphones in a while, but our ears are tingling at the thought of playing with a few new pairs coming to market shortly in Australia.

The new cans being introduced by the German audio engineering company will fit under its “Performance” brand, with the headphones aimed at those who don’t mind spending a little more for quality all around.

The headphones start with the Ultrasone Performance 840, which offers a 40mm gold-plated driver and an emphasis on bass, while the Performance 860 takes the same gold-plated driver and opens it up to more sound.

For people who want sound across all spectrums, though, Ultrasone will have its Performance 880, cans providing a titanium-plated 40mm driver with a wider frequency range and — from what we understand — a more balanced focus across the sound ranges.

All three headphones support Ultrasone’s patented “S-Logic” technology which changes the way the sound comes out of the driver, spreading the audio across different sections of the ear to emulate the feel of listening to audio through speakers, rather than through conventional headphones.

They all also feature memory foam and an adjustable headband, with the idea being that these headphones will match the contours of your head better.

Ultrasone’s headphones start at $399 for the Performance 840, while the Performance 860 and Performance 880 come in at $499 and $649 respectively, with availability in specialist stores now.