Uniden iGO dash cam – 4K clarity crash cams

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A new range of Uniden iGO dash cams feature 4K, 2.7K, 2K and FHD recording that, as a result, have added clarity, field of view and detail.

The new range has extended driver assist features such as a large speedo display, and speed/red light camera warning. It also has advanced driver assist systems to provide additional safety for long distance drivers and commuters.

These features include

  • Lane departure warning provide a visual and audio alert when the vehicle drifts over a lane marking
  • Headlight low LUX sensor detects low external lighting conditions and alerts the driver to turn on the headlights.

Detailed vehicle data is captured via the GPS geotag functionality and a three-axis G-sensor. This includes the direction of travel, location, vehicle speed and G-Force impact in three dimensions, with important data able to be easily shared with police or insurance companies.

The top-of-the-range iGO Cam 80 features Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that balances the light on days of high contrast and at night when oncoming or overhead lights are bright, capturing sharper footage with greater clarity.

An SD card store footage and provides footage protection. The iGO Cam 80 and 70R have Wi-Fi is allowing users to share footage to a smartphone via the dedicated free Uniden iGO app.

GadgetGuy’s take – Uniden iGO dash cam

Dash cam makers (like security camera manufacturers) are torn between image size (Megapixels) or image storage (Megabytes). Fortunately, the trend there is to 2 and 4K, and it is good that Uniden (that also make security cameras) is leading that.

Another issue has been a field of view. The iGO 70R AND 80 addresses this with 150° – and sufficient detail with 4/2.7K lens to make it work.

GadgetGuy will be reviewing the iGO 80 soon.

Uniden iGo Cam range

  • 30 FHD, 2” LCD $99.95
  • 40 FHD, 2” LCD $149.95
  • 50R FHD, 2.7” LCD $199.95
  • 60 2K, 2.7” LCD $199.95
  • 70R 2.7K, 2.7” front and rear camera LCD $299.95
  • 80, 4K, 2.4” LCD $279.95